Chaensaw: you ass CannonTravelGuy: wtf? Chaensaw: it crashed AIM Chaensaw: send me URLs :P CannonTravelGuy: ha ha CannonTravelGuy: looking at the picture did? Chaensaw: it never displayed it Chaensaw: it crashed when it tried CannonTravelGuy: You downloaded it Chaensaw: heh CannonTravelGuy: It's in c:\downloaded\cannontravelguy Chaensaw: I've seen this one CannonTravelGuy: I love that one CannonTravelGuy: it's funny as hell Chaensaw: hehe CannonTravelGuy: ::sighs:: Chaensaw: what? CannonTravelGuy: I wonder how many DJ's get their start doing porn Chaensaw: haha CannonTravelGuy: Hi...I'm DJ PoonTang CannonTravelGuy: I'm layin down my tracks fo' yo' fatass ta get it on wit Chaensaw: go get some kleenex CannonTravelGuy: ? Chaensaw: you need to whack it bad CannonTravelGuy: no no...I'm really not that bad CannonTravelGuy: I'm just drunk Chaensaw: hehe CannonTravelGuy: I'm trying to be creative Chaensaw: still? CannonTravelGuy: you're squelching my creative drive here! CannonTravelGuy: DAMN YOU! Chaensaw: someone has to! Chaensaw: :-) CannonTravelGuy: In the time of the chimpanzee I was a monkey Butane in my veins and a map to cut the junkie. With the plastic eyeballs, spraypaint the pantyhose CannonTravelGuy: Soy un perdidor Chaensaw: random question: how do you prevent the spooge from getting on the walls of the shower? Chaensaw: or do you worry about that later? :-) CannonTravelGuy: doesn't GET on the walls CannonTravelGuy: You're thinking this out, aren't you? =) Chaensaw: well, let's just say this has happened to me CannonTravelGuy: ha ha ha CannonTravelGuy: It's a clean your body with the water...why not the tub too? Chaensaw: heh Chaensaw: yeah CannonTravelGuy: besides...our bathtub gets cleaned every week or so anyway Chaensaw: I guess it'd have to! :-) CannonTravelGuy: ha ha CannonTravelGuy: that's not why Chaensaw: sure CannonTravelGuy: "Mom...I spooged in the bathtub again...will you clean it out?" Chaensaw: haha Chaensaw: your mom cleans your bathroom? Chaensaw: that's not very nice CannonTravelGuy: It's not mine Chaensaw: whose is it? CannonTravelGuy: That's a communal bathroom Chaensaw: oh... that's your only one? CannonTravelGuy: no CannonTravelGuy: we have 2 Chaensaw: oh CannonTravelGuy: my parents use theirs CannonTravelGuy: hmm CannonTravelGuy: bad music is back again Chaensaw: is there penetration? CannonTravelGuy: they need to play 80's music Chaensaw: is the porn hardcore? CannonTravelGuy: "We can dance if we want to...we can leave your friends behind...because your friends don't dance and if they don't dance then they're no friends of mine" CannonTravelGuy: yeah Chaensaw: what channel are you watching? CannonTravelGuy: It's got some lesbian crap in it too CannonTravelGuy: Cinemax Chaensaw: heh Chaensaw: you don't like lesbian stuff? CannonTravelGuy: err...after 12pm...Cinemax turns into Skinemax Chaensaw: 12am you mean... I've heard that Chaensaw: what's wrong with lesbian stuff? CannonTravelGuy: nothing Chaensaw: funny how girls can screw each other in porn, but not the guys CannonTravelGuy: brb Chaensaw: ok CannonTravelGuy: that's because guys are turned on by two women...not two men Chaensaw: heh, I know CannonTravelGuy: okay....I've lost the ability to type now CannonTravelGuy: If there wasn't a backspace key...I'd be fucked Chaensaw: it's just funny how "lesbian" is classified as "straight" :-) Chaensaw: heh Chaensaw: maybe you should go to bed CannonTravelGuy: I'm gonna tpe without the use of te scehar key from nw on CannonTravelGuy: oops...not thespcebar...the basckpace Chaensaw: heh CannonTravelGuy: you know what ieman CannonTravelGuy: err...ean CannonTravelGuy: damnit CannonTravelGuy: mean Chaensaw: I think you should most definitely go to bed CannonTravelGuy: THERE Chaensaw: :-) CannonTravelGuy: I'm oaky CannonTravelGuy: I'm like a tree Chaensaw: oaky huh? CannonTravelGuy: oaky Chaensaw: hah CannonTravelGuy: Oh, dear god Chaensaw: I want to see you in person like this Chaensaw: I'd laugh my ass off CannonTravelGuy: no...yu dont' CannonTravelGuy: damnit Chaensaw: ahahaha CannonTravelGuy: stipud migrating apostrophe Chaensaw: I'm mentally picturing you at your keyboard CannonTravelGuy: how come i can type something hrd like apostrophe...but can't manage to tyep "STIUPD CannonTravelGuy: DAMNIT CannonTravelGuy: S...T....U...P....I....D CannonTravelGuy: ther CannonTravelGuy: e Chaensaw: hehe Chaensaw: cuz you like hard things Chaensaw: ;-) CannonTravelGuy: I;m actully really hpeyer CannonTravelGuy: whoa CannonTravelGuy: I think i enehat to seay hyper Chaensaw: ok, now you're becoming unintelligible :-) CannonTravelGuy: enehat is drunkish for meant CannonTravelGuy: I have to ficusk really hrda to see my keyboard CannonTravelGuy: or focus enven CannonTravelGuy: I need a Focu VI bfuu CannonTravelGuy: actually...a Crioidnation VI wluod hepl too Chaensaw: a what? CannonTravelGuy: a fcius and corddination VI buff CannonTravelGuy: is it hrd to rdea wha Im' wrting>? Chaensaw: you need a hot shower and a warm bed, is what you need ;-) CannonTravelGuy: my mimmm is lauyghing at me Chaensaw: your mom's up? CannonTravelGuy: I;d go bcka to AC...but i'td beeeeeeeeeeee dmngerous for Laman CannonTravelGuy: whao...two mnya "E"'s CannonTravelGuy: I;m fallll-down drunk now Chaensaw: haha CannonTravelGuy: dnto make fun iofie thej dauek guy Chaensaw: god damn Chaensaw: It's 4am CannonTravelGuy: my mmo's been fddeing me drinks Chaensaw: heh CannonTravelGuy: whta;s an "aftershock"? Chaensaw: cinnamon liqueur CannonTravelGuy: I just had one CannonTravelGuy: WHOA...i didja eaj whole sentence wrighjt! CannonTravelGuy: ooh Chaensaw: you should probably ease up a bit CannonTravelGuy: my mno says that's it Chaensaw: what's a mno? CannonTravelGuy: a preaentel unit CannonTravelGuy: err...parental Chaensaw: do you have a lot of these preaentel units? CannonTravelGuy: more than two CannonTravelGuy: whoooooo CannonTravelGuy: I feeka good Chaensaw: do they hang low? :-) CannonTravelGuy: huh? Chaensaw: heh, nevermind CannonTravelGuy: I cnat't talk Chaensaw: I need to go to bed CannonTravelGuy: I'm alittle drunk CannonTravelGuy: can I get a Focus and Corderidnation VI buff fromm you? Chaensaw: yeah, I noticed :-) Chaensaw: uhmm... is that a euphemism for something? ;-) CannonTravelGuy: noo CannonTravelGuy: I nme edt it to geti nto bed Chaensaw: heh CannonTravelGuy: wo CannonTravelGuy: w CannonTravelGuy: I;ve ebver been thius drunk Chaensaw: ok, I'll buff you, but I expect the favor to be returned Chaensaw: heh, drunk people are funny CannonTravelGuy: msstyttt yot ot bed CannonTravelGuy: wer are ntot Chaensaw: I'm going to save this dialogue and show it to you tomorrow CannonTravelGuy: are you launghing at me? CannonTravelGuy: hhuhh? Chaensaw: maybe CannonTravelGuy: YOnuca nav save dialouges? Chaensaw: go to bed CannonTravelGuy: waittt Chaensaw: I'm logging off CannonTravelGuy: answerae mty qustiestopn CannonTravelGuy: younc an sve dialouges? Chaensaw: well, duh CannonTravelGuy: soo yes? Chaensaw: yes CannonTravelGuy: oh CannonTravelGuy: hwwo?? Chaensaw: you'll figure it out when sober CannonTravelGuy: I can'td idoi td durnk Chaensaw: 'night :-) CannonTravelGuy: Idon't tink I coul d finddd the backspace key if I tried now CannonTravelGuy: oh...theerere is tis Chaensaw: try and find the bed CannonTravelGuy: Okay CannonTravelGuy: I know where the backspace key is CannonTravelGuy: Maybe now I'll sound soberer CannonTravelGuy: But it'll take me a little longer to type each message