Last updated 19 February 1999
What's New

(11/15/98) - Added Unreal cheats
- Added Tomb Raider II cheats
- Added Monty Python's Holy Grail cheats
- Revised Quake II cheats
- Added Warcraft cheats

(04/20/98) - Added Balls of Steel cheats
- Added Streets of Sim City cheats
- Updated Rise of the Triad cheats

(01/09/98) - Added LameDuke cheat
- Revised Duke Nukem I & II cheats
- Revised Wolfenstein 3D cheats

About This Page
This list is an attempt to create one of the largest, most valuable, and accurate cheat code resources on the internet.  It is limited to codes pre-programmed into the games, accesible without any external applications or files, and does not include information on hex editing, patching, or cracking cheats.  In some cases, we have made an attempt to differentiate between shareware and registered versions of games, but most listed here are for registered or commercial versions.
If you have additions, corrections, or clarifications for a current listing, please send Email with the name of the game, the cheat codes themselves, a detailed explanation of what the cheat codes do, and a detailed explanation on how the codes are entered (typed in during battle, at the command prompt, at a menu, etc.) to
# = Replace with a number specified (if not specified, then 0-9)
? = Replace with a letter or number specified (or A-Z, 0-9)
* = Denotes a special occurence or note 
% = Denotes a known problem, glitch, or other warning