These are informal awards given on a per-instance basis to people who have taken a risk and expressed a stance against organized religion, laws against consentual activities, or have just shown unusual personal conviction to stand up for what's right in a world full of weak-minded fascist Schmucks.

Arizona Sen. John McCain, Republican, for refusing to speak at the Christian Coalition's political coven in the 2000 Republican nomination cycle; the only candidate to do so.
Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, for not being afraid to voice his beliefs that "organized religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people who need strength in numbers. It tells people to go out and stick their noses in other people's business."
Also for his stance on drug laws: "The prohibition of drugs causes crime. You don't have to legalize it, just decriminalize it. Regulate it. Create places where the addict can go get it."
Also for his beliefs that gays should be allowed to serve in the military; Mr. Ventura is a former Navy SEAL.
Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, Republican, for supporting the legalization of Marijuana and Heroin.  "I am advocating that I think legalization is a viable alternative to what we are now doing."
Bill Maher, Host of ABC's "Politically Incorrect", for being a consistent and vocal supporter of doing away with consentual crimes like prostitution and drug laws.