To: <>
Subject: Just Curious

I'm just curious, do you really think that the Bible is that bad? The book
of Isaiah 7:14, for example, written around 750 BC, stated that the Messiah
would be born of a virgin. Genesis 49:10 written around 1400 BC said that
He would come from the tribe of Judah and jeremiah said He would also be a
descendant of King David. Luke 3 tells us about the bloodline of Jesus. It
just happens to go through both of these men. Micah 5:2 (700BC) told us
where the Messiah had to be born. Guess? Bethlehem. Psalm 22, the "boring
one" was written around 1000BC. It describes what Jesus saw on the cross
1000 years before Jesus was born. By the way, that was also 400 years
before crucifixion was invented as a form of capital punishment.  It
predicted what Jesus would say, how they would put nails through His feet
and hands, how the soldiers would take his clothes, and even what the
people would say as they walked by. Not bad for the "worst-written " book
in history!

I understand where you are coming from because I once felt the same way.
But I promise you, if you will read the book of John and ask God to reveal
Himself to you, God will do it. I dare you! Just try it and see.
See, you are not the 1st, nor will you be the last, to rebell against the
God who made you. But I will be praying that you find out the truth before
many of them did.
ie. Voltaire, the great athiest philosopher was dying and these were his
last words, "I am abandonded by God and by man. O Jesus Christ! O Jesus
Christ". And then he died. Odd isn't it?
ie. Thomas Paine, who wrote The Age Of Reason was an agnostic. When he
died, these were his last words, "What a fool I have been. O God help me.
For I cannot bare to be left alone!

* But when Dwight L. Moody died after experiencing the new birth that Jesus
talks about (John 3, cf. Romans 10:9-10), these were his last words, "Earth
is receeding. Heaven is descending. God is calling, and I'm going home. Is
this death? Why, its not bad. It is glorious! This is my coranation day."

Listen, these are all famous men on both sides of the God debate. Isn't it
amazing that all me God at their moment of death?

Look, God loves you and He doesn't care what you've done or where you've
been. He wants to forgive you and give you a new start. God can do
anything. i had a friend 8 years ago who was a homosexual. He was active in
the movement for rights. He began to read the Bible and God began to work
in his life. he accepted Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior and asked Him
for forgiveness for all his sins. i saw what God did for him. He is now
married to my sister and they are about to have their 1st child. he will
tell you that he didn't change. God changed him! He says God set him free
from the bondage of homosexuality. if God can do that, God can do anything.

Ho about you? You seem to be a smart person. A reasonable person would
examine the evidence and search for the truth. Let me know what you decided
after you have examined the evidence. After! i say this only because i want
you to experience waht I have.