Religion in Politics
Religion in Government
It's interesting that, although "freedom of religion" is guaranteed under the Constitution, many see this as "freedom to have any religion as long as you have one, preferably one of the mainstream Christian ones."

I don't support the banning of religion, myself, or any current form of Communism, but Karl Marx had a very good point when he said that in a truly responsible government, there is no place for religion.  However, humanity has not yet evolved to the point where the government can take care of just about everything without screwing anything up or violating people's rights (i.e.: Communism), so we make do with the Bill of Rights, civilization's greatest attempt yet to guarantee individual human rights.  The bad news is that it now seems that the small progress we've made over the last several thousand years is being pushed back yet again -- people are devolving.  Religion is on the rise again.  Congress is crawling with loudmouth Christian demagogues, whether they be moderate or foaming-at-the-mouth types who want to ban everything that's not explicitly listed as okay in their poorly-translated-and-therefore-totally-unreliable King James Bible.

Any legislator that passes any law because of "Jesus" or "the Bible" or "morality", or denounces any taxpayer because they don't follow the legislator's own personal religion or morality should be voted out of office... even by those who share the same beliefs.  It's about protecting everyone's right to the freedom of religion, and even though they're not currently condemning your beliefs, lifestyle, or ethnicity, history proves repeatedly that those winds can change course with little warning.  And of course, we've all got to stop electing extremists on either side.  This, of course, requires that you sacrifice your own greedy local interests -- after all, even though they're trying to destroy the country, those corrupt, loudmouth bastards really know how to bring the pork home, don't they?

Evidence of rampant Unconstitutionality in regards to Separation of Church and State: