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This hint page was built by the author of Fourth Reich. It is intended to be used only by those who get stuck on a certain part and cannot go any further. For your own sake, don't cheat (until you win it legitimately, that is). It really takes all the fun out of it.

Outside the Castle
The first part of the level is simply the quest for the first Red Key.  This key opens the front doors of the castle, where the real adventure starts.  Finding the key is much simpler than actually getting to it, as the beginning is one of the most monster-infested parts of the level.  Strategic shooting, dodging, and seeking shelter is very important to avoid running out of ammo or getting killed way too early.
Inside the Front Doors
Once inside the halls of the Himmelberg Castle, Duke is faced with doors of every colour, and the keys to each must be found in order.  There's only one path that he can go, and it's a long trek into the heart of the earth.
The Heart of the Empire
Now beyond the second Red Doors, Duke finds himself in a huge chamber with passages on both sides of a great chasm.  Getting across will require him hunting for a new set of colour keycards.
Central Command
Down again in the bowels of the island, Duke discovers the central nervous system of Hitler's empire.  Here he must destroy the nuclear reactor and escape in time to save his skin.
Red Key #4: This is the last necessary key in the game.  It allows passage into the control room of the huge nuclear reactor.  As with the first red key, getting it is easy but fighting your way to it requires lots of heavy ammo and quick feet.
Blue Key #3: This key is completely useless for the game.  In all honesty it was originally intended to lead to a second ending to the level, but due to the fact that I ran out of sectors while building the level, it's now just the only way into the side room behind Hitler's throne.  Finding the last Blue Key ain't easy though.
The 6-Switch Lock: Once inside the control room, Duke must get past a series of failsafe mechanisms, including a 6-switch lock that guards the power switch to the force fields, and then must destroy the reactor.  No fancy meltdown switches or controlled explosions with this one though... a well-aimed RPG will take the radioactive steam out of it.  But Duke will have to move his ass in order to get into the emergency exit, as explosions will be right on his heels and the whole place will come crashing down in seconds.  The emergency exit takes him up to the shores of the island, where a waiting motorboat means the difference between returning to a hero's welcome and becoming a heap of radioactive goo.

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