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Last Updated 7 April 2000

--- STORY ---
Only six months after Duke Nukem's successful effort to smash the heart of Hitler's Fourth Reich, reports come in of efforts by Hitler's surviving allies raising armies to reclaim what they'd lost.  Duke ships out yet again to infiltrate the newly discovered stronghold in Siberia only to discover that the alien forces that helped the Fourth Reich had now managed to make contact with the rest of their race and had set up a secret supply line headquareteed in an air castle on Neptune.  To Duke's annoyance, he finds he must not only destroy the Earth stronghold but also travel to the United States' Neptune colony to destory the aliens' outpost, cutting off supplies to Hitler's forces on Earth.
--- NEWS ---
7 April 2000
Looks like the Beta version will be the official version, since I've upgraded my computer and it no longer likes to run Build... feel free to distribute it.
16 March 1999
I've decided just to release this damned level as soon as I can.  It IS complete, except for one or two places, but I don't think I'd ever get around to finishing them anyway.  All the bugs may not be gone, so download this at your own risk, and please report any bugs to
2 December 1998
New screenshots added, most of which are just updates of some of the old ones that showed areas that have significantly changed.
20 November 1998
You're probably asking, "What's taking so long?"  Well, I got a job and went back to school, so free time is sparse.  There's very little left to complete (only a few touch-ups and finishing the final area), so it'll hopefully be out by the end of the year... which will make this project a year old.  Eeek!
10 August 1998
Due to the fact that I no longer have a job (temporarily) and school hasn't started again yet, I've managed to complete a lot more of the level.  I'd estimate it's about 90% complete, with only a few more things to add and touch up.  The Secret Area count is up to 26 and will be over 30 when released.  Many Secret Areas are recursive (secret areas inside secret areas) and a few are very hard to find.  I'm also working on a special GAME.CON that will be distributed with the level, that changes a lot of settings and makes the game even sillier than it is now.  September is the most likely release date now (unless I get a job real soon).  Most of the screenshots below are of areas that haven't changed much.  I'll probably add a couple more screenshots before the level is released.
1 July 1998
Due to my current real-world job, work is progressing slowly on the level... some areas still need to be completed and others retouched.  Fall is most likely when it'll be done.
9 April 1998
Three new screenshots added.  The level is about 60% complete now, and the majority of work remaining is in adding detail and making aesthetic changes.  Multiple keycards will be in this level too.  I'm fast running out of sectors and walls so I'll have to wipe out some unessential areas, but I hope to have more than 30 secret areas... It'll probly be done by late summer.
27 February 1998
Six new screenshots added.
25 February 1998
Fifth Reich Page created.  This sequel to Fourth Reich is still in its infancy but is already looking great.  Early predictions of a completion date are Summer 98 (but don't count on it).  I'll try to beat Duke Forever's release though.

ßeta -
974,396 Single (mainly), CoOp, Dukematch Difficulty settings; new sounds; new USER.CON and GAME.CON; "Shedding": monsters sometimes re-spawn into other monsters when jibbed 30 100-300 hard; harder; hardest; impossible. Required: Duke v1.5,
Pentium 90, 16MB RAM, 3.5 megs free on HD
Recommended: Pentium II, 32MB RAM, 3D accelerator


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