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Last updated 10 Mar 1997

This hint page was built by the author of the Citi Infiniti Duke Nukem 3D MAP file. It is intended to be used only by those who get stuck on a certain part and cannot go any further. For your own sake, don't cheat (until you win it legitimately, that is). It really takes all the fun out of it. 
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The Seven Switches

Located throughout Citi Infiniti are seven hidden switches, each of which must be found and thrown to be able to advance to the final stages of the level. These switches are hidden all over, and are (sort of) numbered in order of difficulty to find.

Switch 6
The MasterSwitch

The MasterSwitch

Once you find and throw all seven hidden switches, you'll be close to opening the Big Doors. You'll have to find the MasterSwitch first, for it controls the locking mechanism. Look behind the one door in the city that wouldn't open before (it's close by the Big Doors). Once you're inside, you'll have to move VERY fast or else you'll be eating RPGs fired by several dozen Fat Commanders. The white-wall switch will make your life a lot easier, but you have to get there quickly!

Once you get to the roof, find the big portal hole and you'll drop in on the final and hardest stage - the Pyramid. You'll need tons of ammo and a lot of practice dodging and trick-shooting to get to the top alive.

The Three Keys

You'll need to find these three keys - they'll help you on the way to finding the Seven Switches. Each is hidden in a secret location.

The Secret Places

Most of these hold ammo/weapons and/or health and are relatively obvious, but some hold a lot more stuff - or even monsters - and are a real pain to find. This list will give you general locations of all of them, and an idea of what they contain.

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The Full Exposition
For those of you who have already won, or are hopelessly stuck...
The red key is in the well. Find the hidden switch in the ducts above the auto shop, and follow the darkened tunnel to the new opening. The yellow key is in the collapsed street tunnel with the blue marble. You need to blast away a wall. The blue key is in the power plant control room, behind the two steel doors across from the water-level switch.
Switch One is thru the blue beam of the TriPortal room. You need to blast an opening in the shark tank. Don't forget the scuba gear in the waterfall behind the TriPortals. Switch Two is thru the grey beam. Solve the maze by walking thru the southernmost dead end wall. Goggles will help you. Switch Two is thru the red beam. Throw the northernmost switch on each side of the lava. Boots will keep you alive. Switch Four is in the DJ booth of the nightclub. The entrance switch is in the bathroom of an adjoining apartment, and the code to enter the booth is 2,3,5,6. Make sure you have the yellow key. Switch Five is behind the broken mirror in the bathroom of the apartment within the warehouse. Switch Six is in the fast-moving tunnel. Stay as far right as you can on the conveyor. Switch Seven is in the women's sauna. Once you get the red key, drop down in the pond across from the well and swim up the tunnel into the spa.
The Big Switch is in the room outside and above the auto shop, near the Big Doors. Behind the big doors, throw the hidden switch on the white wall to crush the Fat Commanders. Throw the doorlock switch on the right column and use the blue key on the left column. Once on the roof, go thru the steel door and fall down into the Pyramid. The Pyramid has 10 levels and generates harder and harder enemies the farther up you go. Weapons and health are also generated, sometimes on levels below you, so you may need to backtrack if you're running low on health or ammo. The Nuke Switch is at the very top of the Pyramid.