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Token Rant
To the Editors of Time:

Your article on the battle over gay marriage was informative and even-handed, and I commend you on presenting both sides of the issue as objectively as can be done in this social climate. However, as someone who considers himself an open-minded moderate and able to see and understand both sides of social issues, I find myself only able to empathize with one. On one hand, you have a group that is fighting for legal and social recognition of the eternal love between two human beings, and on the other, you have a group that finds the idea of granting social and legal recognition of that love personally repugnant and wants personal prejudice to be the law of the land. One side wants equality, while the other seeks to maintain exclusivity.

Opponents of gay marriage make numerous impassioned arguments in their favor. Probably the most widely-cited of these is that allowing gay marriage would threaten the stability and sanctity of heterosexual marriage. But this raises a cornucopia of legitimate questions: Whose marriage is threatened? Is it the people who are so fiercely opposed to gay marriage that feel their own marriages are threatened by it? And if they're so fragile, are they even worth worrying about? And further, are two gay men or women who have committed their lives to one another a substantially greater threat to marriage and family foundations than 24-hour drive-thru Nevada nupitals and week-long celebrity marriage circuses? These questions remain unaddressed.

Another ubiquitous argument against gay marriage is traditional: marriage has always been between a man and a woman, so why let anyone change that? "Adam and Eve weren't Adam and Steve!" is a popular quip. However, religious and reproductive issues aside, many other once-unapproachable traditions have adapted or faded through history and society has yet to collapse; indeed, change unfailingly makes us stronger in one way or another. The prophets of doom extolling the social disintegration that interracial marriage was supposed to bring about has been proven utterly wrong, but that was an issue that was, in its day, at least as hot as this.

I felt real sympathy to hear Alliance for Marriage's Matt Daniels talk about his childhood, raised by a disabled single mother and seeing the societal damage reaped by the breakdown or absence of families, but I drew a completely different conclusion from his story -- any loving couple and stable, supportive family should be promoted and sancitifed as much as possible! Would Mr. Daniels have fared better in an alternate universe where his mother had a lesbian partner that helped support her and her family, rather than a deadbeat dad that abandoned his family responsibilities? Is it the support of two parents, rather than explicitly a man and a woman, that makes families work? His own testimonial inspires this possibility, though you'd never hear him say it. Indeed, he and his colleagues talk until they're blue in the face about preserving and promoting families, but they tirelessly labor against the rights of families that don't pass their own personal litmus test.

Ultimately, the only motivation driving the anti-gay-marriage movement that survives any amount of honest scrutiny is prejudice. It is not dissimilar to the long, painful battles over civil liberties for Blacks, voting rights for women, and legal recognition of interracial marriage: one side sees civil injustice and seeks to rectify it, and the other sees a threat to their personal idealism of utopia and seeks to maintain the status quo at any cost. In the end, though, American history proves that the side of liberty and justice eventually prevails and society grows to accept and adapt. It's only a matter of time before the "activist judges" on Massachusetts' Supreme Judicial Court are universally heralded as heroes in this new civil rights movement.

- The editors would like to apologize to anyone whom this commentary offends: we're sorry your opinions are inferior to ours.


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