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Citi Infiniti v1.0.2 full final version
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Only weeks after the threat of an alien takeover of Earth was vanquished, people begin to notice that remnants of the occupation still linger in the darker sides of town. Faced with the threat of a rapidly expanding force of mutants and aliens, Duke once again must emerge with guns blazing, this time to finish the job for good.

Late one night, Duke is awakened from a restless slumber by a strange feeling in the back of his mind. Unable to identify it, he is drawn outside into the darkened streets of LA. The feeling leads him into the industrial warehouse district, which is silent as death. Unnatural shadows spill out over everything.

One lone pigcop emerges from the darkness ahead and beckons Duke to follow into a small passage in the side of a building. Duke pursues, but before he realizes it, he's been sealed in a small room at the top with only one exit: into the heart of the most monster-infested area of town. "This really pisses me off," Duke sneers, barely consoled by the squeals of anguish eminating from the pigcop who's tasting a quickly-thrown pipe bomb a la Duke.

Duke must now work his way through a boggling array of complex puzzles, monster-infested rooms, and dark winding passages. This time his wit is just as important as his brawn, and luck had better damn well be a lady tonight!

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Duke- Match
Difficulty Settings
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Monster Count
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Avg. Completion Time
Recommended System
Atomic Edition Required
Version 0.9
Yes (Untested)
Yes (Untested)
Very High
5-7 hours
P90+, 16 MB RAM
Final Version 
Very High
6-8 hours
P120+, 16 MB RAM
This level was built on a Pentium 133 with 24MB RAM and has not been tested on anything less than a Pentium 100 with 16MB RAM. Systems below Pentium 75 may be WAY TOO SLOW for this level.
Take a look at some of screenshots of the main areas!
Hydroelectric Power PlantDance Club Bar
Big Doors OpenThe Pyramid

Current progress notes:
1.0.2 - This is the final version.  One or two bugs still do exist but they're so minor that it doesn't matter.

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